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With the makers & manufacturers meetup (short m3) we have established the leading event series around production in the Berlin startup scene. The bottom line of the m3 is the exchange. Software such as hardware startups, medium-sized companies and large corporations, research institutes and universities all deal with production. We focus on the meetup format as a form of event because it frees up the participants and leads to more exchange. The m3 takes place in English.

What is a maker? | safety

Maker translates from English as a manufacturer. In the context of production and startup scene, one speaks very often of the Maker Movement, where inventors and entrepreneurs in a FabLab (public workshop) do together to work on innovative products.

We understand the term more generally than doers. See you at Valder as a maker. Before we order anything, we'll do it ourselves. Even though it costs us 2 weekends to connect the new Senso # trkit to the cloud, we do!

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Our next event

The 13te m3 will be dedicated to the possibilities of mass customization. Mass customization is the individual mass production, also known as the size 1. Thanks to advances in prototype production and online configurators, this segment is getting more and more ...


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Around every m3 you can also meet us in Berlin for a one-to-one talk.



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